Life-like agent-based programming
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Emergent agent-based programming

This presentation applies complex adaptive system (CAS) agents to computer programming. 
Complex adaptive systems (CAS(p.17)) that have developed through evolution, including biological cells & our bodies, use emergent(p.24) agent(p.25)-based programming.  Being goal oriented, and able to learn and evolve, agents also provide an alternative paradigm for software development
  • Software development has a problem(p.3) - its applications are inflexible, of limited quality, have no inbuilt capacity to learn about and explore their environments, it provides limited support for emergence and it is wasteful
    • My friend wonders why her Skype service is not running.  Eventually she reboots her PC is personal computer
      in frustration.  The responsible Microsoft engineers are unaware of her problems
    • My source editor is task specific and reflects the structure of the whole tool chain
    • My Firefox browser fails to restart a previously aborted session.  Its a typical brittle piece of software failing to cope well with the unexpected.  
  • Manufacturing overcame analogous problems
    • Many of the cars that came off the production line had been damaged during assembly and had to be reworked
    • Production line workers see that the car they are working on has a damaged in assembly but they had no way to stop the line, and no one to tell about the cause of the problem
    • Such problems were overcome by the application of Just in time(p.5) methods, and in particular the effective use of agents
    • Assembly line operators (human agents) were encouraged to use their experience to detect assembly problems, stop the line so that the cause could be identified and fixed and the work plan improved. 
  • My programming framework Smiley(p.7) which uses agent-based programming to avoid the types of problems outlined above is reviewed
  • Opportunities(p.8) and challenges(p.14) to introducing agent technologies in software development
  • Complex adaptive systems CAS(p.17) theory provides a framework for understanding CAS agents

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