Life-like agent-based programming
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Programming with flexible goal based agents
Emergent(p.24) agents(p.25) offer the potential to make programming systems sensitive to their situation, flexible and goal oriented.  They are:
  • Flexible by
  • Goal oriented by using schematic(p.23) association between:
    • Modeled(p.27) situation, and executed strategy
      • For example - Model codelet predicts niche is present if resource concentration increases
      • It finds resource does increase so strategy codelet is signalled
    • Signal and aggregate(p.11) of agents deployed
  • Sensitive to situation
    • Environmentally aware through indirect associations of phenomena with structurally integrated agents
    • Decisions being based on schematic state
    • Successful schemata being retained in offspring
    • Operon state controlled deployment of agents
Programming methodology(p.12) associates building blocks with codelets to program agents by aggregation is when a number of actions become coordinated and operate together.  In the adaptive web framework's Smiley, codelets become coordinated by their relative position in the deployment cascade.  The cascade's dynamics are dependent on the situation, the operating codelets responses to that situation and the grouping of schematic strings they are associated with.  The aggregate affect is a phenotype the adaptive agent. 

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