Complex adaptive systems
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The nature of complex adaptive systems

This presentation introduces complex adaptive systems (CAS) looking at their components, structure and properties. 
Complex adaptive systems (CAS) are all around us.  Being able to define CAS and differentiate them from simple and chaotic provides an explanation for the apparently random period between water droplets falling from a tap.  Typically the model of the system is poor and so the data captured about the system looks unpredictable - chaotic.  With a better model the system's operation can be explained with standard physical principles.  Hence chaos as defined here is different from complexity.   systems provides a first logical step to coping with complexity, M. Mitchell Waldrop describes a vision of complexity via:
  • Rich interactions that allow a system to undergo spontaneous self-organization and, for CAS, evolution
  • Systems that are adaptive
  • More predictability than chaotic systems by bringing order and chaos into
  • Balance at the edge of chaos
and understanding the world and ourselves

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