JIT programming
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Programming has successfully integrated a number of JIT techniques to improve flexibility and quality:
  • Open standards processes and open source software allows alignment of goals, and benefits from and responds to insights and source code recombination
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, smart phones, tablets and personal computers allow everyone to easily integrate their views
  • Internet and WWW have reduced the cost and delays in finding and connecting services with users 
  • Cloud based services allow scale economized dynamic allocation of operational resources to correspond with demand
  • Computers became 'small machines' allowing with low overhead
    • User's mobile access and personalized interactions with distributed services
    • Developers to compile batches of one 
  • Open source bug tracking can include root cause details
    • The fix can then be applied where ever the root cause exists - up stream distributions of the source
    • The source and bug tracker become the default representation of current state

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