Schematic plans
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The planning problem:
  • Generalized awareness is difficult to develop - Higher animals need extensive networks of cellular 'agents' to maintain effective models of their environments
    • They are fooled by ambiguous situations (illusions)
    • They must prioritize between different aspects of the situation and what to do
    • Strategies of explicit design have been
      • Associated with specific situations, and
      • Do not by themselves support the flexibility to process general environments
    • Evolved strategies are constrained by emergence and focused by the proximate environment
      • Rapidly changing environments and increased connectedness present problems and opportunities 
      • Identifying where agents need help and how to provide it should be part of the plans
    • Environmental boundary is difficult to define
      • Emergent agents(p.13) with replicated plans can aggregate
        • They can operate as cooperating multi-agent systems
      • Multiple schematic networks may be present within a multi-agent system
        • Some of these may depend on histories represented in lower levels of emergence
      • Laws may validly hold for a higher level emergent agent
        • At lower levels the laws are only reflected in transient structures driving the strategies of agents

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