Adaptive planning
Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
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Framework for adaptive planning and execution

This activity is based on a vision of building a thinking means operating by iteratively:
  • Executing a planning network. 
  • Validate the results relative to the predictions of models associated with the plan's goals and developed to qualify these goals. 
  • Adjust the goals, strategies and priorities based on the validation. 
  • Update the planning network. 
enterprise, using an initial mission targeting the thinking health care provider.  The value proposition included:

AWF is the adaptive web framework.   overview
The facilitation of adaptive planning and goal cascading within business enterprises should enhance iterative learning processes and allow strategic coordination of operational activities.  HTML based data streams can be used to represent the plans allowing indirect HTTP linked integration of discrete goals and actions.  By targeting business environments with increasing complexity, such as health care, a framework should provide the customers with value by supporting effective change in organizations that are reaching a strategic inflection point. 

The program included:

AWF is the adaptive web framework.   results
The program has succeeded in building the tool-sets, generating the proof-of-concept Git is a source control system created to support the development of the Linux operating system.  Linus Torvalds was not happy with the source control systems that he and the other Linux developers used so he designed and developed Git.  AWF uses Git as a way to share the HTML sources and istrings library files of group developed dark webs. 
integrated source network and dark webs is a web site that is not open to the Internet.  It is a set of deployed HTML files in a directory which refer to each other via file based references relative to the directory.   and has deployed the productized version to beta sites.  But the proof-of-concept has failed to generate any traction at the beta sites and other targets.  The key issues include:
  1. Targets see limited benefit in the bootstrap value proposition.  While this should improve with
    This page discusses the effect of the network on the agents participating in a complex adaptive system (CAS).  Small world and scale free networks are considered. 
    network effects
    and the discovery of learning benefits, competitors will undercut the network growth.  Cloud based applications such as Confluence offer effective infrastructure for project level collaboration.  Installed EHR refers to electronic health records which are a synonym of EMR.  EHRs have strengths and weaknesses:
    • The EHR provides an integrated record of the health systems notes on a patient including: Diagnosis and Treatment plans and protocols followed, Prescribed drugs with doses, Adverse drug reactions;
    • The EHR does not necessarily reflect the patient's situation accurately. 
    • The EHR often acts as a catch-all.  There is often little time for a doctor, newly attending the patient, to review and validate the historic details. 
    • The meaningful use requirements of HITECH and Medicare/Medicaid specify compliance of an EHR system or EHR module for specific environments such as an ambulatory or hospital in-patent setting. 
    • As of 2016 interfacing with the EHR is cumbersome and undermines face-to-face time between doctor and patient.  Doctors are allocated 12 minutes to interact with a patient of which less than five minutes was used for recording hand written notes.  With the EHR 12 minutes may be required to update the record!
    solutions such as Epic provide effective workflow and data management for operationally constrained hospital front line clinical settings. 
  2. Without initial target buy-in, convincing: 
    • Venture capitalists to fund and staff the activities needed to build credibility, and full product capabilities (localization etc.) and scale-up deployments is unlikely. 
    • Consulting organizations such as Avalere Health, to populate the source webs for their customers to leverage and extend, is unlikely. 
  3. Without additional funds for staffing there is only loose integration with the Seamonkey HTML graphical editor.  And:
  4. Complex installation and customization required. 

AWF introduction
This program aimed to build on the Web Frames tool developed to support the previous 'emergent software systems' program. 

The tool-set would need to be extended to include a graphical user interface, visible start and end operon is an addressable control structure which is used in biological cells to control access to other regions of the DNA. 
tags, tools: search list generator, glossary generator, checklist generator, Git status generator; installation facilities. 

To demonstrate proof-of-concept:
The proof-of-concept should enable bootstrapping of marketing and sales programs. 

Strategy gives way to tactics.  If you your company or other emergent system collapse there is no further possibility of strategic action.  This page discusses the importance of sustaining the base of operations to support subsequent strategic action. 
Secure base
, Maximize
To benefit from shifts in the environment agents must be flexible.  Being sensitive to environmental signals agents who adjust strategic priorities can constrain their competitors. 
This page discusses the benefits of bringing agents and resources to the dynamically best connected region of a complex adaptive system (CAS). 
This page reviews the strategy of architecting an end-to-end solution in a complex adaptive system (CAS).  The mechanism and its costs and benefits are discussed. 
End-to-end architecture
This page discusses the tagging of signals in a complex adaptive system (CAS).  Tagged signals can be used to control filtering of an event stream.  Examples of CAS filters are reviewed. 
Tags & filtering
, Surprise,
Walter Shewhart's iterative development process is found in many complex adaptive systems (CAS).  The mechanism is reviewed and its value in coping with random events is explained. 
Shewhart cycles
, Economy of force,
Barriers are particular types of constraints on flows.  They can enforce separation of a network of agents allowing evolution to build diversity.  Examples of different types of barriers and their effects are described. 
Structural obstacles
Agents can manage uncertainty by limiting their commitments of resources until the environment contains signals strongly correlated with the required scenario.  This page explains how agents can use Shewhart cycles and SWOT processes to do this. 
Commitments match preconditions
This page discusses the program strategy in a complex adaptive system (CAS).  Programs generate coherent end-to-end activity.  The mechanism is reviewed. 
Program approach
,  Production functions,
The agents in complex adaptive systems (CAS) must model their environment to respond effectively to it.  Samuel modeling is described as an approach. 
Models & learning

Market Centric Workshops
The Physics - Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology
Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology

Business Physics
Nature and nurture drive the business eco-system
Human nature
Emerging structure and dynamic forces of adaptation

integrating quality appropriate for each market
This page looks at schematic structures and their uses.  It discusses a number of examples:
  • Schematic ideas are recombined in creativity. 
  • Similarly designers take ideas and rules about materials and components and combine them. 
  • Schematic Recipes help to standardize operations. 
  • Modular components are combined into strategies for use in business plans and business models. 

As a working example it presents part of the contents and schematic details from the Adaptive Web Framework (AWF)'s operational plan. 

Finally it includes a section presenting our formal representation of schematic goals. 
Each goal has a series of associated complex adaptive system (CAS) strategy strings. 
These goals plus strings are detailed for various chess and business examples. 
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This page uses an example to illustrate how:
  • A business can gain focus from targeting key customers,
  • Business planning activities performed by the whole organization can build awareness, empowerment and coherence. 
  • A program approach can ensure strategic alignment. 
Program Management
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