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Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
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A new site manager sponsored the development of an integrated plan of record for the UNIX electronic messaging product line using a week long facilitated workshop.  He provided key parameters about resourcing, mission and 'must happen' requirements, which were bounded within the business plans that I had already facilitated. 

None of the development project managers had any experience of working as a team on a process to build a plan of record.  Previously they had all been told what to develop by their second level manager.  Delayering had removed the section managers. 

HP corporate was interested in Lotus Developments Notes platform so our business was worried that we would not be funded. 

Developed market requirements framework and a proposed model for the plan of record as a matrix of long term themes and resourced projects.  I participated in the team activities to define the plan.  Main aspects were:
  • Discussing issues with the mission and constraints. 
  • Explaining the product requirements broadly enough for the project managers to relate and decide on scoping.  Proposed long term themes. 
  • Agreed a time line for deliverables that would be acceptable to customers. 
  • Defended key requirements that project managers were struggling to resource. 

The team developed a shared plan that operated within the site manager's constraints, including transition spreadsheet mapping redistributions of engineers through the year. 

Plan gave the development organization a clear understanding of their roles including the importance. 

Project managers became a self-supporting group.  They all understood the trade-offs and overall goals and were able to give and take between the active projects. 
Market Centric Workshops
The Physics - Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology
Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology

Business Physics
Nature and nurture drive the business eco-system
Human nature
Emerging structure and dynamic forces of adaptation

integrating quality appropriate for each market
This page looks at schematic structures and their uses.  It discusses a number of examples:
  • Schematic ideas are recombined in creativity. 
  • Similarly designers take ideas and rules about materials and components and combine them. 
  • Schematic Recipes help to standardize operations. 
  • Modular components are combined into strategies for use in business plans and business models. 

As a working example it presents part of the contents and schematic details from the Adaptive Web Framework (AWF)'s operational plan. 

Finally it includes a section presenting our formal representation of schematic goals. 
Each goal has a series of associated complex adaptive system (CAS) strategy strings. 
These goals plus strings are detailed for various chess and business examples. 
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This page uses an example to illustrate how:
  • A business can gain focus from targeting key customers,
  • Business planning activities performed by the whole organization can build awareness, empowerment and coherence. 
  • A program approach can ensure strategic alignment. 
Program Management
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