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Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
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HP corporate and UNIX platform business managers signed a partnership agreement with Lotus Development to get Notes onto the HP UX platform. 

Customers of our e-mail business were very concerned at the announcements sidelining of HP's UNIX mail server. 

Lotus was shifting its Notes positioning and sales strategies to emphasize its messaging capabilities which were an easier corporate sale than Notes Application deployments. 

I proposed a strategy to maintain the drive of our business while fitting in with the corporate mandate.  Main aspects were:
  • Meet with Lotus to help them scale Notes and match the use cases of our customers for messaging.  Broadcast these actions to corporate executives. 
  • Focus our server development activities on scalability on UNIX servers, standards and add a Notes-mail gateway. 
    • Worked with Development Director to define a strategy that would indirectly extend our value proposition making it more likely that Lotus would leverage our technology
    • Worked with Lab program managers to ensure they understood the situation and hence the priority changes
  • Provide positioning information to outbound marketing. 

Customers continued to invest in our messaging platform. 

Corporate funding for the business was maintained. 

Lotus notes gateway was developed and deployed by customers. 

Lotus Notes on HPUX was a limited market and once IBM purchased Lotus the Corporate execs and Platform management lost interest. 
Market Centric Workshops
The Physics - Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology
Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology

Business Physics
Nature and nurture drive the business eco-system
Human nature
Emerging structure and dynamic forces of adaptation

integrating quality appropriate for each market
This page looks at schematic structures and their uses.  It discusses a number of examples:
  • Schematic ideas are recombined in creativity. 
  • Similarly designers take ideas and rules about materials and components and combine them. 
  • Schematic Recipes help to standardize operations. 
  • Modular components are combined into strategies for use in business plans and business models. 

As a working example it presents part of the contents and schematic details from the Adaptive Web Framework (AWF)'s operational plan. 

Finally it includes a section presenting our formal representation of schematic goals. 
Each goal has a series of associated complex adaptive system (CAS) strategy strings. 
These goals plus strings are detailed for various chess and business examples. 
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This page uses an example to illustrate how:
  • A business can gain focus from targeting key customers,
  • Business planning activities performed by the whole organization can build awareness, empowerment and coherence. 
  • A program approach can ensure strategic alignment. 
Program Management
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