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Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
Rob, emerges from triangles & ovals
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I defined product extensions to leverage deployment of infrastructure internet protocols for instant messaging and voice messaging and streaming.  With the Internet growing exponentially and Mosaic, the first web browser, allowing large numbers of non-technical users to send and read e-mail web server vendors were seen as enveloping the client-server messaging market.  

HP's corporate strategy was to work with leading web server vendors, and not to compete with them unnecessarily. 

Internet protocols were well advanced for the distribution of voice-messaging and router infrastructures were opening up to the Internet.  

HP had partnered with Octel, with little market success, in selling proprietary voice-mail systems in Europe.  

I agreed to develop an adjunct voice messaging store that would integrate seamlessly to provide users with the experience of one integrated mailbox.  Main aspects were:
  • Studied the voice messaging market in detail, including exploratory meetings with providers of advanced voice processing infrastructure. 
  • Partnered with HP's central research laboratory to transfer a Java voice server to the division. 
  • Agreed a modular architecture based on the standardized voice messaging envelope integrated via HTTP links to the OpenMail e-mail envelopes.  The OpenMail client server storage and communications modules were enhanced to cope with streaming of voice.  
  • Investigated market development partnerships with major Telecoms Network Equipment Providers.  

Joint HPLabs Development prototype was competed and transferred to the division for productizing.  

The development of an integrated voice and e-mail server was progressed past prototype stage and was actively demonstrated to our customer base. 
HP then reorganized the division and split the OpenMail program from the main group including myself who were asked to focus on other aspects of the business.  

Market Centric Workshops
The Physics - Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology
Politics, Economics & Evolutionary Psychology

Business Physics
Nature and nurture drive the business eco-system
Human nature
Emerging structure and dynamic forces of adaptation

integrating quality appropriate for each market
This page looks at schematic structures and their uses.  It discusses a number of examples:
  • Schematic ideas are recombined in creativity. 
  • Similarly designers take ideas and rules about materials and components and combine them. 
  • Schematic Recipes help to standardize operations. 
  • Modular components are combined into strategies for use in business plans and business models. 

As a working example it presents part of the contents and schematic details from the Adaptive Web Framework (AWF)'s operational plan. 

Finally it includes a section presenting our formal representation of schematic goals. 
Each goal has a series of associated complex adaptive system (CAS) strategy strings. 
These goals plus strings are detailed for various chess and business examples. 
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This page uses an example to illustrate how:
  • A business can gain focus from targeting key customers,
  • Business planning activities performed by the whole organization can build awareness, empowerment and coherence. 
  • A program approach can ensure strategic alignment. 
Program Management
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